Whatsapp consultancy business (trending worldwide)

Whatsapp consultancy business (trending worldwide)

New frontline emerges (Whatsapp groups trends are emerging)

New innovative method: Don’t waste your money on whatsapp
bulk senders, channels and other bots, which has lot of
restrictions and limitations.

I will add you to unlimited whatsapp groups in your country for
a small fee,so that you can advertise on whatsapp groups on daily basis.
(No channels and bulk senders needed in this case)
We understand how difficult the traditional method is,
so whatsapp groups is the new front emerging to send messages.

Contact me, we can have discussion if interested.
Experienced marketers know what I am talking about.

Whatsapp/phone +919605799514

Few ideas and scripts, I have made for my clients to maximise their user experience. Works either way, you can use it for personal use or offer as a service for others. (please visit main page, I have discussed few ideas there. Use your own creativity, artistic talent and make custom scripts, so that you can communicate in whatsapp groups like a pro.)


Make money, side income or hustle/bustle by promoting
others products, services or business in your whatsapp groups. I have singlehandedly made lot of consultants in 59+ countries.

Cover story: There are 2 billion active whatsapp users worldwide and growing aggressively. The question is, How to reach these guys, the best way possible. The answer is here.The beast is very popular and powerful. Do you want to summon it? Call it genie, spirit, wizard, beast  it just needs a master.

Clear winner here

You just need to spread the word out, and small business
owners, individuals, other advertisers, marketers will
pay you for advertising their products,services or business in your whatsapp groups. (its about how you explain the benefits)

New strategy : Advertise your message to
whatsapp groups, on daily basis, without
paying a dime on channels.(Clear winner here. Trending worldwide)

Are you exhausted and fed up with whatsapp bulk senders,
web panels, hunting for channels, scarcity, waiting for long
hours just to get few channels or worse, finding new channel
seller contacts to meet your whatsapp promotion
requirements, channels getting depleted very soon and
frequently spending money on channels, to promote your

So, what are you going to do?
I will add you in unlimited whatsapp groups, so that you can
do promotion on daily basis, without paying for channels, bulksenders, hassles and more. You can save lot of dollars in the long run.

Whatsapp/phone +91 9605799514

Brands, agencies, consultancy, small business owners are always looking for something  new form of advertising, and you can reach these guys and communicate the benefits. Those advertising frequently on google, b2b websites, newspapers, Tv and radio ads, banner ads, those who distribute flyers, brochures, direct mail are all possible prospects. So use your own judgement. 


You can set your own rules like, what to advertise or what not. The frequency 3 times in a day in each group or more.
(like morning, afternoon and evening)
Set your own fees like $25 to advertise in 100 whatsapp groups or more depending upon the brand. You can also advertise your clients products for a week, and you can charge a nominal fee for that.

Works out to your advantage. works either way. Either you can advertise your own products or services personally, to advertise others and charge a small fee for that.
Your whatsapp groups, will be like a asset and will be the
talk of the town, if you are popular. My whatsapp groups strategy is accepted by big brands and they are really impressed about the responses.

Still not motivated?
Fine, You have many choices in life. While other advertisers,
marketers are at unfair advantage about rising ad or banner prices,impressions, bidding war, whatsapp is the only platform, which gives 1000s of dirt cheap impressions. Nobody is doing this, except those guys who got many groups from me. Practically there is virtually no competation.

“Pennies against dollars” is the principle. Contact me if interested. I will reply back once the queue is free. Thanks.



Script i use, when group admins or members, personally ask me to stop messaging . I used to reply with this message personally, and they understand and respect our concern. (You can put your own words and customise the script for every scenarios, and save it in notepad in mobile)  

You can just copy paste this sentence, to group admin or members if appropriate.



******* Script 1 ************

Casual advertising.

hi, we are casually advertising once in a while. We wont send messages too frequently. If you are not interested, let me know and we wont message you again.


Group admins

We respect group admin and members. If anyone asks us to stop messaging, we respect that and unsubscribe from that group. Anyway i am active in 100k++ whatsapp groups and only some secret or closed groups request to stop messaging.



Pro tip 1: It is better to advertise in those groups, which is in your country, so that they understand your language.

Pro tip 2: Don’t promote prohibited content or any content which is harmful to whatsapp community. (Its a good platform and don’t mess with it)

Pro tip 3: Never deal with nasty or troublesome customer. Learn to say “no” and walk away from certain inappropriate deals, which you are not comfortable with. Whatsapp is a big global market, and just concentrate on reaching more people by spreading the word out, there are lot of interested people out there. In initial stages it may take some time, but after few days, you will get lot of responses or people fixing a date with you, to promote their services on whatspp groups.

Know the frequency rule and since you have gained more guys to promote on whatsapp groups, doesnt means that you are pushing 3 to 5 messages in a hour. Wait for atleast 3 hours, before sending another message.

Pro tip 4: Wait for 1 month, 2 to 3 month and volume of whatsapp groups will increase dramatically in those countries where whatsapp group culture is not that strong. (Reason: Facebook messenger and wechat is still a king on those countries, and takes some time for whatsapp groups to increase in volume)

Pro tip 5: Viber, telegram , skype, line are popular in some countries and people use these mobile apps as first preference and it takes almost 1 to 3 months to get good volume of whatsapp groups.

Pro tip 6: Good banners or image, share like crazy on whatsapp (in my personal experience) than website links, audio, video and other formats.

If you are still insisting to promote audio/video message, make sure it is less than 5mb and compress to 3gp format if possible.  (some people have slow mobile connection in some countries and you should consider this factor)

I can create a good banner or image ad about your business for a small fee, with

clear message, contact details and website url clearly mentioned on image. I can even create a commercial video, organise artists worldwide to speak about your brand or business say for 30 sec to 1 min video is appropriate. We ca also create

animation videos, whiteboard videos, screencast tutorials or videos explaining about software or any internet product and so on. ( we can do this for a small fee.

Contact me, we can have a discussion)

Pro tip 7: It is easy to land a deal (for whatsapp groups promotion) in my personal experience, like those who have used whatsapp bulk senders, whatsapp messaging web panels, know the limitations, scarcity and issues associated with channels. Bulk senders only give 1 time visibility, but with whatsapp groups, your promotion is visible unlimited times. Highlight this point and explain pros and cons and they may become your future prospect later. If no response or interest, just leave it alone and move, because there is a global market looking for this service, and it is upto you, how you reach them , market them or spread the word out. ( I have no control over this)

(whatsapp groups is a clear winner here, compared to cost, strategies and other parameters. Most of the guys, who have used bulk senders are simply exhausted and 80% of them are my customers now and they are impressed about this service)

Pro tip 8: You can consider recording the groups you have in whatsapp, using screencast software, so that you can send a video showing your groups. (optional) Its  a matter of just sending  a video link, hosted on youtube or similar platforms. Its optional. I can prepare a video for you, for a small fee.

Pro tip 9: Install “parallel space multi accounts” app. It works for both ios/android. It is available on google play store. Using this, you can install 2 whatsapp numbers on a single phone, and switch with the touch of a button. Its just 5mb in size, just plug and play. If you have dual sim, you can consider adding both numbers on whatsapp (optional)

Pro tip 10: Limit the frequency of sending messages in a group to 3 times a day (1 in morning, afternoon, evening or night) See the nature of group, some groups are crowded and there will be interactions going on 24 hours a day. You can post 5 to 6 times the message in these groups, with few hours wait. Some groups have no activity, say for 12 hours to 24 hours, even thought it has 150+ 200+ members. Others don’t want to see your same message simultaneously in a row.

Pro tip 11: Always review and moderate the client content. Never post any message or ad, harmful to whatsapp community. Learn to say “no” if inappropriate or you are not comfortable with the promotion.

Pro tip 12: Coupons, discounts, cashback offers, trending news, services or products, a good story which audience wants to hear convert like crazy on whatsapp. (Try to fit into in this category for maximum reach)

Pro tip 13: You can also send messages to selected members in a group, by looking their profile picture, past user experiences, high responsive users, add a name to such users and save as contact. Later after few days, you can create a broadcast list of these highly responsive users and  just send 1 message to all responsive users with a click of button.

Pro tip 14: Some new groups have 50+ members or less than 25+ members in initial stages. Just leave it alone, its quite natural. Group admin or other members will add new members and size of group members will increase dramatically in few days. You can send few contact in group, and ask group admin or those guys with admin access to add those new members in group. In this case, bring only people who play by the rules, not those guys who promote inappropriate content in that group. They will remember your contribution eitherway. If possible build a good rapport with good admin or members, if they approach you personally. You can also, ask them them to add you in other known groups. (optional)

********Script 2 ***********

This is the script, we use to land clients or prospects for our whatsapp group services. (Note: It depends on the way, you speak with your customers to land a good deal. Most of them, know the power of whatsapp groups or marketing and you don’t need to tell them much about it. And  do this with your own risk)

In my personal experience, the people I spoke with them,about benefits of whatsapp groups,  came back to me after 1 month, even after 2 to 3 months. People are obsessed with whatsapp, the user friendly and rich graphics interface and most of them will come back. Just spread the word out about whatsapp groups, and brands, agencies, local/small business owners will pay you to advertise their products or services in those groups

Countries like Malaysia, India, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, South africa, have huge volume of whatsapp groups and I can easily add 100++ whatsapp groups within an hour. There are some countries, where whatsapp is popular, but whatsapp group culture is not that strong. So my software, takes may take lot of time,

to detect whatsapp groups and I may discard those requests, since volume of groups in those countries is low.


Explain them the benefits, like how whatsapp groups look like, it can have random members of 50+, 100+ 150+ or upto 256 members in a group. Your message will be visible to 200+ members ina group and people are very responsive

**************script 2 (copy paste or modify)***********


I would like to introduce our whatsapp promotion services. I have 100+ 300+ groups on whatsapp for this particular country (can also be city or state which have good volume) They are highly responsive and you can drive traffic to any website, offer, cpa, increase visits to your store, get more conversions, sales, enquiries, phone calls and more. Within seconds to few minutes your message reaches thousands of prospects and if lucky, people share content on whatsapp like crazy and may go viral. Many business have started seeing success in whatsapp. It may be due to their user friendly interface or rich graphics like text, image, audio, video location, vcard. Audio calling feature is the lifesaver.

Whatsapp has introduced “video calling feature” right now and this feature makes the mobile app top notch. I can advertise your image or banner ad, website link, any offers, coupons, discounts, promote your mobile app.

Results vary depending upon the product, service, business, unique solution which solves a problem and many parameters and people will share the content on whatsapp, they feel worthy or useful to community. (set your own prices and use your own judgement)

I can advertise your product, business or message for 1 time in a day for $25 to 100+ or 200+ groups and more.


Advertise product 3 times in a day, (morning, evening and afternoon) for $50 to 100+ groups. 


Advertise product for 1 week, 3 times a day for a certain fee.

Advertise product for 1 month, 1 or 3 times a day for certain fee.

Let me know if interested, we can have discussion. Thanks. 



Conclusion: In my personal experience, 70% of them will be interested and will comeback. Followup with them, if appropriate. Just remind them once in a while, say once in a week, and they may come back. Give them some time to think, and most of them will be thinking about, what this can do to my brand or business.

Some people don’t like to take calculated risks,and dont approach them again and again. Just leave them alone and they will come back if interested.

I will update my website, with new ideas and opportunities if appropriate. There is a big community for this platform, and they need new business ideas, hopes, opportunities or try something new.

You can add me on whatsapp and contact directly.

Whatsapp /phone +919605799514



Whatsapp groups benefits (clear winner here)

—> get traffic to any website web page
—>Brand awareness
—>cheap and almost free traffic
—> get more enquiries, phone calls, sales, conversions
—> Build a good rapport and relationship with those audience who are interested in your services with chats, voice and video calls if appropriate.

—>promote CPA and high converting offers.
—> Get responses, views, visits to webpage, youtube videos in seconds or few  minutes.
—> advertise on daily basis, without paying a dime on channels, bulk senders, panels and other bots.

–>coupons,discounts, cashbacks, offers, contests converts like crazy and gets more shares.
–>Trending news, promote mobile apps

Whatsapp +91 9605799514

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