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Whatsapp pied piper (whatsapp unlimited groups adding service – Trending worldwide)   

I am also active on Skype and email. Contact me on whatsapp first, and I will provide those details, if appropriate. We encourage discussion. But serious enquiries only.

Email: jeffreyalex89@gmail.com

 (Since people always ping me on skype during peak hours, contact me on email first and I will provide the skype id, if appropriate)

       New frontline emerges (whatsapp unlimited groups trends is emerging)


New innovative method:

Don’t waste your money on whatsapp bulk senders, channels and other bots, which has lot of restrictions and limitations. I will add you to unlimited whatsapp groups in your country for a small fee,so that you can advertise on whatsapp groups on daily basis.

(No channels and bulk senders needed in this case) We understand how difficult the traditional method is, so whatsapp groups is the new front emerging to send messages. Contact me, we can have discussion if interested. Experienced marketers know what I am talking about.

You will also be interested in this whatsapp consultancy business.

Whatsapp/phone +919605799514

Whatsapp is the undisputed king of advertising jungle. (Bear awaken)

Whatsapp +919605799514 (add me on whatsapp and voice call for more info)

So far, many emerging stories about far reaching power and reach of whatsapp as a result of my whatsapp unlimited groups adding service. Some clients acknowledged a surge in website traffic, more conversions, more phone calls, more sales enquiries, a lot of visits to their shop or physical store.

when asked “How did you get our contact or reference?” The prospects replied “Hey, we saw your message/banner ad/offer/video ad promotion on whatsapp.”

(whatsapp unlimited groups are a big craze worldwide and serious advertisors and marketers advertise on whatsapp, because there is a probability that certain products, services or business go viral on whatsapp)  Leverage the power of whatsapp unlimited groups –> Powerful advertising medium. (Holy grail of advertising) 

First and foremost, bookmark this website. You may need it for reference. Many success stories of my clients, have emerged that, whatsapp power is far reached than any other platforms. Whatsapp is the undisputed king of advertising jungle.

Its reach and power surpasses all social media platforms, newspapers,magazines, TV ads, radio ads, flyers, brochures and more. Other countries, where whatsapp is new is picking up very fast. I would like to help small business owners, brands and new startups to get maximum  coverage through this whatsapp platform.

A perfect story about your brand or business, banner or image ad, animated or spokesperson video can do wonders for your campaigns. Whatsapp is the pied piper of mobile advertising.

I have developed a special software, which can detect 70% of whatsapp groups and add you as a member. You can advertise your products, services or your own business to these groups on daily basis. You can even adveritise others products or services and charge $25, $50 or more for local businesses in your area.

Everybody knows the power of whatsapp unlimited groups. It can instanly give lot of visibility to your brand and your banner or ads may go viral if lucky. Because people share banners or images on whatsapp like crazy. Mobile phone or smartphone is most owned asset by people around the world and whatsapp is the best bet to reach them instantly and get visibility for your brand, products or services instantly.

Whatsapp groups consists of 50+ members 100+ 150+ 200+ upto 256 members. Previously whatsapp group only consists of 50 members, later whatsapp allowed a group can have upto 100 + members. Many guys have increased the limit upto 256 members per group, by using certain tricks. when adding new groups to my clients most of the groups consists of 100+ members, 150+ 200+ and even upto 256 members per group. when a group consists of 256 members, the admin should remove 1 member or some other member in that group should leave the group for you to get in.

Contact details. (We encourage discussion. Whatsapp call or phone call me for more details) We will answer all your queries and concerns. But serious enquiries only.Sometimes due to pending bulk orders,huge contact list and groups, I can’t read your message. Whatsapp call or phone call to alert me. Or you can call me after few hours.

Whatsapp +91 9605799514

Email: jeffreyalex89@gmail.com (Since people always ping me on skype during peak hours, contact me on email first and I will provide the skype id, if appropriate)

I have sold “Whatsapp unlimited groups adding service” to many businessman, industralist, small and local business owners and they are really impressed about the service. Now they can advertise on whatsapp groups on daily basis, get visitors to their website, offers, brand awareness and more.

You can either advertise to each groups, or send messages individually to selected members of a group. Note: Please don’t spam on whatsapp groups with your marketing messages. 1 message in the morning and another message in night, will do good. Each group admin is different and may remove you from the group, if they dont like a particular member. thats quite normal.

To stay safe, only send 2 messages per day in a group or more, depending upon the activity and engagement in group. If others are advertising too often in that group, you too can, otherwise limit your messages to only 2 messages per group/ day. ******************************

Whatsapp influencer services


There are influencers for facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, youtube, reddit, imgur, solo ads and email marketing. There are no known influencer for whatsapp. So it is a good opportunity for consultants and agencies. Brands and business owners always search for influencers, to advertise their products, services or business on influencer accounts.

They get massive coverage due to this. This group adding service is better than whatsapp bulk senders or bulk whatsapp marketing bots out there. You can advertise on daily basis, without much hiccups. But know the limits and dont send the same message again and again. Its better to limit the frequency to 3 to 5 hours each.

I can make you an whatsapp influencer in your country. You can set your own fee say $25, $50 or more to advertise their services in 100+ or more groups. Brands and small business owners are willing to pay for such services.Spread the word out, and they will try to contact you. 

Cost : $100 for 100 new groups (max 3 hours time) You need to fix an appointment with me, and scan the qr code, we send you to grant my software api access. We can provide you groups of specify country, worldwide or only city groups. For more information, either phone call or whatsapp call directly.

I have lot of pending orders, and we cannot text or chat. Please understand. Voice calls only. Sometimes due to pending bulk orders,huge contact list and groups, I can’t read or message. Whatsapp call or phone call to alert me. Or you can call me after few hours..

Payment methods: western union, skrill, bank transfer, payoneer, xoom

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

1. Is whatsapp groups safe to use? 

This is 100% safe. whatsapp wants to promote their mobile app anad wants people to be in maximum groups. Whatsapp groups are 100% safe, natural and organic. Whatsapp is only against bulk senders and filtering and other bots. Also many serious advertisors and marketers have used bulk senders and other bots in the past. Channels or sender ids are expensive and also gets blocked soon. Whatsapp groups need no investment to maintain. Some campaigns go viral on whatsapp.(pure luck) Whatsapp groups look natural to whatsapp. The only thing is “group admins” of whatsapp groups may remove you, if they dont like you. Whatsapp algorithms favor groups and you can advertise in unlimited groups, without any restrictions.

2. Can I use fresh whatsapp number for whatsapp groups?

You can either use your existing whatsapp number or buy a new sim and use it as whatsapp number for advertsing in groups. If you have dual sim phone, you can use “parallel space” app (for multiple accounts) and use 2 whatsapp numbers in 1 phone.

3. What is parallel space app? (optional)

Parallel space app is used to install 2 whatsapp numbers on your mobile phone. It is available in google play and app store. Install “parallel space” app (for multiple accounts) from google play (less than 5 mb) supports android and iphones. Inside “parallel space” app click ‘+’ icon and add whatsapp. Add a new whatsapp number and verify using sms. (real sim number) Now you can use 2 whatsapp numbers on same phone. you need to click parallel space icon and then whatsapp to see messages in new whatsapp number.

4. Who can benefit from whatsapp groups?

If you are a serious advertisor or marketer, whatsapp groups work like a charm. Whatsapp groups marketing is dirt cheap compared to other platforms like newspapers, magazines, TV ads, radio ads, flyers, brochures, billboards, flex and other banners.

Smartphone is the most owned asset in the world,and you can reach anyone instantly using whatsapp. Whatsapp is leading in 59+ countries and counting. (no 1 mobile app) followed by facebook messenger, viber, telegram, wechat, skype, line and other mobile apps. Whatsapp has 1.5 billion users as of dec 5 2016 and user base growing aggressively. Whataspp marketing is also giving better results compared to email and sms marketing, facebook ads, google adwords, youtube ads, reddit ads, stumbleupon ads, instagram and more. (It also depends upon how popular whatsapp is, in your country)

5. Do whatsapp campaigns go viral?

Its pure luck and we have no control over them. However, we have many success stories of how campaigns of my clients or small business owners went viral through whatsapp groups. People are obsessed with whatsapp and share things like crazy. The secret is to build a good banner or image, with your website url, company logo, contact info like phone, email and then advertise on whatsapp.

I can create such banners for a small fee. (optional) We can even create whiteboard videos, 2 to 3 minute animation videos, screencast videos, spokesperson videos talking about your product or service. (optional) Contact me for the same.

6. Example of whatsapp groups?

Students groups, college kids groups, online shopping groups, bitcoins groups, stocks, forex,sports, cricket whatsapp groups, city based groups connecting people, even open, secret and closed groups, similar to facebook. Whatsapp groups is the wild wild west and groups exist for every nature. worldwide friends groups, news groups, friends only groups,business groups, travel, feminist, invitation only based groups , online gaming groups, university groups, make friends wordwide, fashion groups and more.

Note: We may reject certain products or services, which is harmful to the whatsapp community. Also, internet is a play of algorithms. If you need this service, book it soon. Things change over time, say after few weeks or months, things wont be the same. That is the nature of internet and algorithms. Those in the industry know this, newbies don’t.

Sometimes, I may be booked with bulk orders and new orders will be waitlisted or we will fix a time, convenient for both. My business thrives on mutual trust and reputation. Contact details. (We encourage discussion. Whatsapp call or phone call me for more details.) We will answer all your queries and concerns. But serious enquiries only.Sometimes due to pending bulk orders,huge contact list and groups, I can’t read your message. Whatsapp call or phone call to alert me. Or you can call me after few hours.

Whatsapp +91 9605799514

Email: jeffreyalex89@gmail.com 

See the video, I have added 100 new groups for a malaysian client. (for demo purposes only) Completely safe, organic and natural. I have also discussed, on how to mute groups.


 New strategy : Advertise your message to whatsapp groups, on daily basis, without paying a dime on channels.(Clear winner here. Trending worldwide)

Are you exhausted and fed up with whatsapp bulk senders, web panels, hunting for channels, scarcity, waiting for long hours just to get few channels or worse, finding new channel seller contacts to meet your whatsapp promotion requirements, channels getting depleted very soon and frequently spending money on channels, to promote your business?

So, what are you going to do? I will add you in unlimited whatsapp groups, so that you can do promotion on daily basis, without paying for channels, bulksenders, hassles and more. You can save lot of dollars in the long run.

Whatsapp/phone +91 9605799514

Email: jeffreyalex89@gmail.com 


Whatsapp groups benefits (clear winner here)

—> get traffic to any website web page

—>Brand awareness —>cheap and almost free traffic

—> get more enquiries, phone calls, sales, conversions

—> Build a good rapport and relationship with those audience who are interested in your services with chats, voice and video calls if appropriate. —>promote CPA and high converting offers.

—> Get responses, views, visits to webpage, youtube videos in seconds or few  minutes.

—> advertise on daily basis, without paying a dime on channels, bulk senders, panels and other bots.

–>coupons,discounts, cashbacks, offers, contests converts like crazy and gets more shares.

–>Trending news, promote mobile apps

Whatsapp +91 9605799514

Email: jeffreyalex89@gmail.com 



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