Terms and conditions (agreement)

Before you buy any services from us, then you should read this. If you have any doubts, I am available on 5 minutes on skype / phone / whatsapp voice calls, to answer any queries, if appropriate. This is to avoid misunderstanding later.

Email marketing rules


  1. Email marketing has different laws in different countries, some countries are liberal and some countries have laws like whom to send email and whom not and what content is allowed and not.
  2. Single optin / Double optin is the industry standard and I suggest you to follow safe marketing practises. Include a unsubscribe link or a unsubscribe reply to opt out.
  3. For better inbox delivery, IP and domain reputation, I suggest to only email to those who optin to your list, or know you or your brand personally or have done some kind of business in the past. If they ask to “unsubsribe” honor that.
  4. Prohibited content not allowed, and any requests from hosting, ISP and spam complaints, undelivered emails, bounce rates, blacklists the IP and domain immediately and we may terminate or disable such accounts, if appropriate.
  5.  If you brought an email list, make sure all emails are active, clean and I personally suggest to clean email list atleast once in a month for better delivery, sender IP reputation score and more.
  6. No promoting harmful content, phishing links, virus through emails. We will immediately disable such accounts, if someone notify us. Its very rare, but just a friendly reminder. I personally have a voice call, with all my customers and clear their concerns and queries before purchase. So things, rarely go wrong. Any suspicious elements, we don’t deal with them in the first place.

7. If you want to renew your email server or subscription, you should always inform or pay us 5 days before the renewal date, to avoid automatic disabling of the email account, then we need to start all the process again and it may take few hours to configure the account again.

8. Avoid sharing smtp server, with suspicious elements, because you will also be held responsible, if they are promoting any prohibited content.

9. For bulk email, IP warming is a different topic and it takes some time  for ISP to recognise as a good sender.

10. Each spam filters are different. Make sure your email is spam free, for inbox delivery. I have some spam checking tools and email whitelisting for newbies, which formats any email in 1 click instantly, with no technical knowledge and experience. (tremendous value)


Contact me, if you need it. I have developed it. The key is, not to include spam trigger words and check them before you send emails.

Note: If you have any doubts, before you purchase from us, you are most welcome on skype / whatsapp / phone calls. We are here to address your queries and concerns. (for 5 minutes average). But serious enquiries only.

Whatsapp / phone +91 9605799514

Email: jeffreyalex89@gmail.com

Email me for skype id. Thanks.



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